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Welcome to the fög – Research Center for the Public Sphere and Society

The fög's 25th year

The fög celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2022. On 8 January 1997, the "Research Center for Sociology and History of the Public Sphere" was founded at the University of Zurich. The aim was to create a new type of interdisciplinary scientific institution for the long-term study of public communication. This was the beginning of a 25-year history that led to the creation of today's fög - the Research Center for the Public Sphere and Society.

It has always been a goal of the fög to discuss its research with society use empirical findings to initiate public debates, and this is still the case today. In the last 25 years, the media and public sphere have changed rapidly. On the occasion of its anniversary, the fög addressed this change and the role of science in society.