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Welcome to the fög – Research Center for the Public Sphere and Society


Do you follow developments in the media industry, are you professionally involved with media, or are you simply a news junkie and can’t imagine a world without information journalism? Consider supporting us!

Journalism has been under financial pressure for years, young adults are increasingly distancing themselves from journalistic media, and large portions of the population feel insecure due to misinformation. AI-based tools like ChatGPT pose additional challenges for the media system.

With in-depth analyses, the fög sheds light on current developments in the media sector and helps develop solutions for societal challenges. In order to maintain its independent research activities, fög relies on financial support from individuals, foundations, and companies. Help us with a donation to the Kurt Imhof Foundation for Media Quality, to systematically and sustainably investigate the media transformation and its effects on society and democracy.

Weiterführende Informationen

Bank details of the Kurt Imhof Foundation

ZKB Zürich Oerlikon
Account number: 1100-1997.531, Postbank account: 80-151-4
IBAN: CH28 0070 0110 0019 9753 1
Bankclearing-Nr.: 700

Weiterführende Informationen

The fög owes its existence of over 25 years largely to the funds from the non-profit Kurt Imhof Foundation for Media Quality. The foundation is committed to increasing quality awareness in the Swiss media public. It is named after its founder and long-time director of the fög, whose work was shaped by the belief that media quality is directly linked to a healthy democracy. 

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