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Touring Exhibition "Journalism and Us"

Every day, we obtain information through various media that is important for our social coexistence and the democratic formation of opinion. The exhibition "In Search of Truth / À la recherche de la vérité" takes a contemporary historical perspective and asks: How is this information "made"?  It allows the audience to experience in a participatory and playful way how media professionals work and how difficult it is to evaluate and classify information. For example, central concepts of media discourse are explained, including conspiracy theories, fake news, the 4th estate, or free opinion formation as a central element of the democratic process. Visitors should be able to use interactive games to understand how false information and alternative "realities" and narratives are fabricated and spread, and how to recognize them. The exhibition was initiated by the association Journalistory. The fög is participating in the exhibition as a research partner.

The traveling exhibition will be on display in at least 13 different exhibition venues throughout Switzerland from March 2023 to 2025. The tour will start in St. Gallen and Bern.

More information here.