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OFCOM: supply of online media in Switzerland

On behalf of the OFCOM, the fög is conducting a study of online media offerings in Switzerland. In addition to the question of supply, the focus is on the use, content, financial situation and market environment of online media in Switzerland.

Online media play an important role in the usage behavior of the Swiss. Around half of the Swiss say that digital channels are the most important sources of information for them. News sites and social media are particularly important for younger users. However, the use of online media has also increased in recent years, irrespective of age group. This is shown by this year's Switzerland country report for the Reuters Institute Digital News Report.

For the OFCOM project, a concept for measuring the population and the characteristics of the online media offerings contained therein will be created in a first step. With a positive evaluation, the second step will be the empirical implementation of the concept in a pilot study by spring 2023.

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